Monkey Forest Tales: Wonders and Challenges of Camera Trap Surveys

In today’s post we are talking about camera trap surveys, some of the wonders and challenges of working with this incredible technology. Camera traps had made easier to witness some behaviors that otherwise will be so difficult to see, especially for species that are naturally shy. It also had made possible to discover new locations for some species that we though weren’t able to inhabit those areas.
Don’t get me wrong, I started doing behavior in the old way, with binoculars at hand and following monkeys all day long, and still enjoy that part. However, camera traps can help with animals of nocturnal habits that are difficult to follow or behaviors that are rare and not commonly seen.
It is surprising the number of behaviors that you can discover using camera traps, from giant ant eaters taking a bath or discovering that crab-eating racoons are more common that you thought in your study area. Or finding out that huron or grison are also found in small gallery forest fragments.
However, there is a lot of challenges, not only to find the right kind of camera trap to use, where to located it and make sure that the camera trap you choose is resistant to humidity, and even to battery explosions due to excess of heat!!!!
In tropical forest humidity is a big challenge that not always is easy to sort out, and sometimes in areas where you have high humidity at sometimes in the year while at other times you have high temperatures and very dry air, make difficult to choose the right kind of camera and not always you make the right decisions. Balancing cost of cameras and resistance to humidity and high temperatures is not easy and sometimes means a lot of trial and error.
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