Monkey Forest Tales: Lessons learned in 2022

In today’s post we are starting our reflections on 2022 lessons, which are not only personal but also part of our growth in Zocay Project. This year started with some surprises that once again teach me that patience and persistence are the best skills if you want to continue doing what you love to do, especially if that implies fieldwork and monkeys!!!
This year started with a bit of a bump; I got sick, however that sickness gave me the opportunity to share with people who I always admire but didn’t have the opportunity before to talk for several days and those conversations lead to new opportunities for me and Zocay Project.
Those opportunities also teach me about the things I still enjoy and don’t enjoy about teaching and how I can take advantage of that knowledge for my future endeavors and may be for new paths and opportunities for Zocay Project.
It also teaches me about how lucky I am of being able to continue looking at the same groups of monkeys after 18 years, and how grateful I feel of the people (professors, students, volunteers, and landowners) who had enrich my career and help me to continue putting a little grain to see those monkeys surviving in a very transformed area. How lucky I am of witness the persistence of those incredible animals that make my life unique every day.
This year also teach me about resilience and the importance of family. How important is to be able to be there when it is need it…But also that not always is easy to be there and you have to be flexible with yourself if that happens and not blame yourself if you can’t.
It also showed that Zocay Project was the right decision for my life and how grateful I am with all the people who had helped me over the years to make this project a reality and to all the people helping me now to continue with this project. I also realized how many skills I learned over the years and specially during my PhD. So, at this point of the year when we make a balance and reflect on the lessons life have teach us during this year I thankful for the people, monkeys and life that I’m able to live and share with others (humans and no humans)…
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