Monkey Forest Tales: Balance of Zocay Project for 2021

Today’s post is my usual balance of Zocay Project for 2021, although this year was as challenging as 2020, there were something we were able to achieve and others that still scape our reach.

As we proposed we continue our long-term wildlife monitoring in the study area, we were able to verify the birth of infants for all primate species. We also observed infants of giant anteaters and coatis during this year. We also were able to continue monitoring a couple of groups in Villavicencio city. As well as a successful campaign of citizen science reporting primate species in several towns of the Colombian Llanos.

We also were able to update the distribution of dusky titi monkey with the help of local people from some of the areas in which researchers are not able to get access, something that is still very common in Colombia. This year we also were able to collect some additional data on other native fauna in the region and their use of water sources used by cattle.

Finally, we were able to expand our collaborations in the region working with Cumaral Biodiversa, a local organization in Cumaral town. Our work with them is focus on Brumback night monkey distribution with very interesting data we hope to publish in the new year, as it is need it because of the lack of data in this interesting species.

However, we still don’t have a clear idea and a good data set for the effects of road killing on primates and other fauna in the urban and rural areas of the region. Or about the economic cost of crop-raiding by black-capped capuchins on perennial crops in the region and the monitoring of threats for native fauna in the region

Let’s hope the new year bring us more collaborations and that we will be able to continue studying and monitoring all the monkey species in the study area. Happy New Year to all! We wish you all a 2022 full of health, love, collaborations and monkeys!!!

© Copyright Disclaimer. All pictures used on this web page are protected with copyrights to Xyomara Carretero-Pinzón. If you want to use any of these pictures, please leave a message on the website. Thank you.


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