Monkey Forest Tales: How Zocay Project have lasted so many years?

On past days, while talking with local people in the area of Zocay Project, someone ask me how Zocay Project have lasted so many years, almost two decades!!! First, some background information. We were talking to present the results from Zocay Project to the general public in the area not only the landowners with which we have been working.

Part of the reason why this project is lasted so long is because landowners trust the work we do. At the beginning this was possible not only because I was present most of the time but also because of the work of hard working and responsible students that collected good basic information about the monkeys in the area.

Another part is our persistence to work even if there is almost not funding to go to the field. Long time ago, I hear Jane Goodall story of working as a secretary before being able to go and study monkey. Work in other things while looking for the opportunities to continue working in what we want, even if that means to make other things. Fortunately over the years some of the landowners have rewarded this persistence by giving us in-kind support which make our fieldwork cheaper and easier in terms of funding. Thank you for that!!!

So, if you are reading this short post and want to start your own field project, my better advice is to be persistent and not be afraid to invest your own money in your project, especially if you believe in the work you are doing. With time that persistence will give you more support…

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