Monkey Forest Tales: Life from the perspective of a black-capped capuchin baby, first 6 months


Santa Rosa Oct 2013 246
Black-capped capuchins (mono maicero; Sapajus apella fatuellus)

In today’s post, I am going to explore how is the life of a small baby monkey of black-capped capuchin …
I’m what humans called a black-capped capuchin, a medium-size, an agile and smart monkey living in a forest of Colombia. My life started on a windy afternoon at the beginning of the rainy season. My mom was hiding in a very high tree cover by lots of vines around us, it was a bit dark when I get out. My mom takes me from the middle of her legs and cleans me with her tongue. Once I was clean she put me in her back close to her neck, where I can hang very tight to her fur and put my tail around her arm. I’m small with a pink, wrinkled face and a tiny body very close to my mom’s back.
In the first weeks of my life, I spend them in my mother’s back very close to her neck and slowing moving towards the lower part of her back. My days pass as I drink milk from my mom’s armpit and sleep in her back most of the day. She continuously moves around and other females and juveniles some times came close to us to rest and eat. There is another baby a bit bigger than me, whose mom is always close to us. We sniff at each other when our moms rest very close at noon.
Two months had passed since I born and now I move around in my mom’s back when she is not moving, sometimes I even explore a bit farther when she is resting, walking, and jumping in the nearby branches. I usually play with the other baby. We jump, run, and bite each other, sometimes we roll all over, especially when we are on the ground and our moms are catching insects.
I had four months now, I still move on my mother’s back, but sometimes she starts moving ahead and I have to cry so she remembers that I’m still here and need to be carried by her. I started to try some of the fruits and insects my mom is eating, I like to bite leaves and branches and try to catch insect flying around us. Most of the time I spend exploring and playing with the other baby and juveniles. My legs are skinny and not always strong enough to carry me. I’m clumsy. My face is less pink now but still covered in wrinkles.
Now I have six months, my face is clear and has fewer wrinkles than before. I move alone except in some places where the branches are so apart from each other that I’m scared to jump. My mom helps me in those places, she let me climb on her back, and I cross with her, but she always wants me to go alone again and we fight, she bites me. I eat on my own now, but some times I also drink milk from my mom. I eat almost everything I can catch and sometimes steal some insects from my mom’s hand. Most of the time I’m playing, jumping, and running with the other baby and juveniles, we love to chase each others, sometimes when the squirrel monkeys are around, we also play with them, to chase each other and jump. I’m a healthy six-month baby of black-capped capuchin.
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