Monkey Forest Tales: Challenges for the new year, 2020


As we approach a new year, I want to share with you some of the plans we are making to continue this project. Thanks to the willingness of some of the landowners in the study area and some new collaborations with people in the area. During 2020, we are planning to continue doing the long-term monitoring of native fauna in the region, as well as include some new areas close to the main city in the region, Villavicencio.

One of the main lessons for me over the past 15 years has been the importance of being in the region over time with perseverance despite the challenges. This presence had increased the interest of landowners to know and learn about the native fauna that they have in their land and in some cases to go beyond that simple knowledge to try to preserve it.

Some of the new data we want to collect on this new year in collaboration with institutions like William Barrios Foundation and Professor Martha Ortiz, Ph.D. from Universidad del Llano is:

  1. Information about the effects of road killing on primates and other fauna in the urban and rural areas of the region
  2. Establish the current conservation state of dusky titi monkey in their distribution area
  3. Continue with the demographic data collection on primate species in the San Martin area and expanded to other towns in the region
  4. Information about the economic cost of crop-raiding by black-capped capuchins on perennial crops in the region
  5. Expand our data collection to other native fauna in the region
  6. Implement some citizen science data collection in the region to monitor threats for native fauna in the region
  7. Assess the impact of food provision on urban monkeys in the Villavicencio area

Although some of the topics are more challenging than others, new collaborations were formed in the past months that make me confident that it is possible to reach this new information. My main motivation is the increased interest from students from the regional universities that want to work for the native fauna in their region.

If you want to support any of these initiatives or want to be involved in any way, please don’t hesitate to leave a message on this website or write to me at There are many ways in which you can be involved and we will be happy that you join us.

© Copyright Disclaimer. All pictures used on this web page are protected with copyrights to Xyomara Carretero-Pinzón. If you want to use any of these pictures, please leave a message on the website. Thank you.


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