Monkey Forest Tales: How we celebrate the Biodiversity Day?

This May 22nd we celebrate the Biodiversity Day! As most of the environmental celebration days, these special days are to celebrate and raise awareness to a specific topic. Biodiversity or diversity of life is one of the most important topics currently due to the massive loss of species the world is looking at the moment.
In today’s post we are going to talk about how this year Project Zocay is celebrating this day. We are doing different activities not only during May but also in June to celebrate this special day.
Past May 20th we started our celebrations participating in an International Campaign to vaccinate domestic dogs in areas where wild cats (ocelots, jaguars, and cougars live) lives in close proximity with domestic dogs and humans in fragmented landscapes as the one in which Zocay Project works.
We also started a series of talks in Villavicencio, San Martín and Vista Hermosa where we are going to talk about primates, their importance and some of the threats they are facing to survive in fragmented areas.
Additionally, we continue with our monitoring of primate populations in San Martin are as well as Villanueva, Casanare in May, and June, respectively to continue learning how these fantastic creatures survive despite of all the human activities around them. We observed several giant ant eaters roaming in pastures near to natural lagoons, night monkeys resting in some hollow tree nests, squirrel monkeys in small forest and Mauritia swamps and some scarlet ibis resting in a solitary tree in the middle of the pasture.
In the following weeks, we also continue monitoring the squirrel monkeys living in small fragments inside Villavicencio city, facing challenges to survive in a cement jungle.
But how anyone can celebrate biodiversity every day, by taking care of our pets and not letting dogs and cats roam freely, so they cannot hunt birds, small mammals, and reptiles. Taking care of the use we give to the water we consume, planting flowers to feed bees and hummingbirds, reforesting bare areas as much as we can in places near to water sources, implementing sustainable practices in agriculture and cattle ranching if that is our main productive activity, reducing and recycling, and raising awareness through photography, painting and other artistic forms that can increase people knowledge of our biodiversity and its importance.
If you want to support our activities, please visit or get in contact with as at if you want to collaborate, donate or volunteer in our activities
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