Monkey Forest Tales: Women and Girls in Science Day Celebration

On February 11th, we celebrate the roles and importance of women and girls in science day. A day to promote the interest of girls in science and to celebrate the achievements and participation of women in different fields of science. Although this celebration should be all year and we should promote girls’ interest on science every day, this celebration is also a good opportunity to recognize all women that were and are a role model to me.

Some of these women are famous and others are not. All of them have contributed to science advance in different fields of science and at the same time seems to have balanced their personal lives too. Something that I still need to work more on. To all of them thank you for sharing you experiences with me in different ways.

Most of these women work with monkeys and communities living around monkey’s habitats and had dedicated their lives to conservation of monkeys and to preserve habitat where monkeys live and of which people living around depends on. Others work on forest conservation, in which monkeys live, but are more focused on the forest dynamics and threats around those forest.

To all women and girls coming behind me, known and unknown, my best advice is to follow your dreams. Sometimes those dreams change a little bit over time but there are still your dreams. Believe in yourselves and persist in what you want to achieve for your live. Plan your goals but also be aware that to achieve those dreams sometimes you need to deviate from your path for a while to go back and achieve those goals. Be realistic about your goals and sometimes divide them in small goals so you can achieve the big ones. Be persistent if those dreams really make you happy. And don’t stop from dreaming…

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