Monkey Forest Tales: It is that time of the year again to Celebrate monkeys!!!

We are near to the end of the 2021 and it is time again to celebrate monkeys. Every year on December 14th, we celebrate monkeys’ diversity and use this day to raise awareness on the threat they and their habitats face.

So, in today’s post I want to talk about the monkeys in Zocay Project. As you know by now, we work with five species of monkeys. Monkeys that live in large and small groups, are big and small, have few or lots of babies. Use trees all the time or sometimes go to the ground. But all have long tails and play on the branches of big trees. They eat fruits, flowers, and different kinds of animals.

Today’s post is also to celebrate the high diversity of primates we have in Colombia. With 38 species and subspecies of monkeys living in forest of different sizes from sea level to the mountains. They help to growth the forest and create new homes for small spiders and insects.

But how can we take care of them? Protecting the forest in which they live and planting fruit trees from their region in the areas close to the forest in which they live. Not buying small baby monkeys, just because they look cute. Monkey babies need their groups and moms in the same way we need our moms and families, so don’t buy them!!!!

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